Katherine and her friend are learning about BDSM fun

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A pretty teen Katherine is well trained in the art of BDSM torture, in fact, she’s her master’s favourite sex doll. However, he needs to train another doll, so he ordered Katherine to bring one of her school friends who looks like she’s got spirit and spunk – those kind of girls turn out to be the very best BDSM slaves. THe free BDSM torture gallery and video archive in front of you shows just how did he start that hot torture training with Katherine’s help.

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Caged dancer Katherine gets caged and abused

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Dancing is Katherine’s greatest passion. Actually, check that, dancing used to be her passion, now she’s got different things on her mind and different stuff to worry about. Her very first worry is having to deal with her master, a guy who is very well known BDSM torture master and who has had his hands on Katherine for a while now – she’s perfectly trained and just loves his hardcore attention with his sex toys and pain inflicting gadgets.

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Brunette dancer learns a different kind of tune

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Cute dancing girl thought she was in luck when a guy called her over to his studio to film her in action, but she had no idea that he wasn’t talking about dancing at all, he wanted some more free BDSM torture content and a pretty amateur brunette with an athletic body like her was a perfect choice for his new video. Metal cage, handcuffs, whips and chains and they were all set to go with a superb BDSM adventure in the guy’s basement.

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Dirty school girl Juliette gets off on pain

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Juliette always had a kinky streak to her, she enjoyed different music and she dressed kinky even for school. However this new BDSM torture experience is a bit too much even for her, but it’s not like she can back out now, her master has her chained and tied up with no clothes on at all. Every inch of her pale skin is exposed, including her hairless pussy and tight ass, and no hole of hers is taboo for her BDSM torture master when he feels like teaching her a lesson in pain.

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Brutal whipping and masturbation for a redhead slut

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Up until now hot BDSM whipping in porn has involved kinky whips that barely leave any mark on a body, more like whip toys than like actual whips. Well, that’s about to change with this brand new free BDSM torture gallery on Kinkster DB, take for instance this delicious looking redhead slut with pale body and an ass that looks like it’s made for whipping. Red welts on pale skin and her moans with definitely turn you on, so dive in and enjoy the hot BDSM ride.

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Green eyed angel Holly gets tortured by a pro

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How about some hot free BDSM torture action? If that sounds like something you’d enjoy, meet Holly, a gorgeous amateur green eyed brunette with an innocent face and a fine figure. She’s not going to be fucked here, sex is not hardcore enough, what she’s here for is sodomizing and brutal action, her hairless pussy is getting abused as is her fine ass. Whips and chains, cages and domination, if all of these things turn you on, enjoy hot Holly and her BDSM torture master.
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Claire gets her pale ass whipped hard

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Pretty redhead Claire always thought she’s special and that she’s meant for more than regular kind of porn. It’s time for her dreams and wishes to come true, she’s going to make porn that most girls shy away from – superb BDSM torture porn, her pale skin and sinful figure are made for it. The sounds she’s making while whip hits her pale ass and the way she trashes her feet are enough to make any man want to thoroughly dominate her and teach her the meaning of pain.

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Tight cage for a pretty redhead girl

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While Claire herself is definitely not a big girl, the cage she’s forced into is a tight fit even for her, a busty babe wouldn’t fit in, at least not without her tits poking out. Well, Claire is not terribly busty, but the tight cage has every area on her body exposed to the whips, hands and toys her BDSM torture master is willing to use on her, forced orgasms in a cage may sound fun, but Claire is crying to be let out long before her master is pleased with her performance.

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Humiliation and pain do wonders for Dia Zerva

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There’s something about knowing that men from all around the world will watch her nude body getting violated and sodomized that makes Dia Zerva beg for more at the same time while pain racks her body. Getting turned on by this sinful mix of pain and pleasure is what makes her into one of the best BDSM torture bitches and a star of many free BDSM torture galleries, like the ones in front of you, where she gets played, brutally teased and anally violated over and over again.

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Stripper is ready for a change of tune

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Juliette Black has been stripping for money for a few years now, but she has heard that she can make more money with porn. She was ready for a change of pace anyhow, she was getting bored of just stripping down and dancing, so she showed up for a porn cast. What she didn’t realize is that the cast is for hardcore BDSM torture porn, and by the time she figured it out, it was too late, she was chained down with her pale tattooed body exposed and her master ready to start her training.

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